Thursday, June 26, 2008

Enchanted Styles

A big part of the Enchanted Life is how you decorate your house. Hopefully, by the end of summer I can take some photos of the cottage to show you my own enchanted styles. But in the mean time, I thought I'd discuss what styles work with the Enchanted Life and which ones don't.

In general, styles that work well in the Enchanted paradigm are those styles which take you to another time or place. They are styles that contain a richness and depth to them. They are less about clean simple lines and more about presenting a feast for the senses.

Over the course of this blog, I hope to go into each of these styles in detail.

Styles That Fit with the Enchanted Life
  • Victorian

  • Renaissance

  • Medieval

  • Gothic

  • Rustic Country

  • Shabby Chic

  • Asian

  • India Inspired

  • Middle Eastern

  • Art Nouveau

  • Garden/Natural

  • Georgian

  • French

  • Fairytale

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