Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Offbeat Mama!

Some time ago, I made a post about Offbeat Bride--a great resource for those of us who like to operate outside of the traditional. Well, the site's founder has started a new blog community called Offbeat Mama for moms of the same nature. And my blog post on fairy mailboxes has been reposted there.

So go check it out along with all other great articles on being an Offbeat Mama including fashion remixes for moms to be and handling holidays when your Pagan.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Enchanted House: The Blank Slate

In my last post, I talked about the big project I had planned. Well, my husband and I bought a house and I now have all summer to decorate it and to blog about it!
I would love to say that we bought some charming old Victorian in need of some TLC, but the truth is we bought a house in subdivision that was built in the 1990's instead of the 1890's. It did meet all of all our requirements--nice layout with lots of space, two bathrooms, good sized kitchen, nice sized yard (almost 1/2 acre), city utilities, and no major work need (there is some minor stuff that we hope to take care of in the next week or so).

However, some of previous owners' choices are a little--well, not our style. Some may like the walls of mirrors and white carpets, but well if you've read this blog any you know my tastes run a little more "exotic". So I hope to take you along as I transform this "blank slate" of white and mirrors into something rich and luxurious. While there will be some changes that take place right away (paint) there are other project we have planned for later (such as kitchen and bathroom remodels).
So while we take care of some leaky pipes and few holes in the drywall, let me take you on tour of the future enchanted house.
Welcome! This is the living room as viewed from the entry. Its hard to see from here but this room has a wonderful cathedral ceiling. You can see the rooms other impressive feature--the fire place. The door in the picture leads out to the sun room where you can glimpse the decaying hot tub. The more we look at it, the less salvageable it seems.

From this view, you can get a better sense of the room's cathedral ceiling and the lovely two-story window and window seat. The window seat will most likely play home to one of my dollhouses. As for the decor in this room, I'm thinking a subtle forest fairy theme similar to one I attempted in my current living room. The colors will be in greens and browns with lots of organic elements. The art styles will be either Art Noveau or Pre-Raphelite. For the furnishings, I'm going to try to stick to rustic but I'm not sure if I'll lean more American or European.

The next room is the dining room. See those mirrors--they all over the downstairs hall as well. So far, only two people have liked them--my mother who thinks that they add more light and my daughter who likes to watch herself dance in them. And while I'll concede my mom has a point, they won't work in the more Gothic style I have planned for this room.

I have this room slightly less planned out than the living room, though I'm picturing a palate of reds and golds with dark, heavy wooden furniture. I have to admit, I really like the light fixture in this room and quick coat of black paint will make it perfect.

The kitchen is one of those rooms that will have to wait. While we're getting new appliances right now, I probably have to live with the beat up cabinets, white laminate counter, and white laminate wood floor for another year yet. However, I hope to take the woods a little darker with a stone counter top and tile floor--something in the vein of European country.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is nice and large. I'm playing around with a sort of Elven Celestial theme. I want to stick with a palate of blues, silvers, and greys. I keep going back forth between more substantial wooden pieces or more modern pieces in black and silver. I know I want to use lots of sheer fabrics on the windows and around the bed. I'd like to do something with the ceiling too, but the I'm not sure what I want do to will work on the textured ceiling the room.

Part 2 of The Blank Slate tomorrow.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things are in the works...

Summer approaches. My plate is full of projects due to some big changes in my life. However, they are also the perfect opportunity to start this blog up again. Look for more soon...hopefully...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogs of Interest

I spend way too much time on the Internet. But I find the most interesting blogs.

The Steampunk House. A while ago, I wrote about the Steampunk Aesthetic in this blog. Well, here's a whole blog dedicated to it.

DarkStyle. Most of my favorite Goth style sites--well, they've been inactive for some time now. But I found a new one! Great source for inspiration and DIY



I've had some inspirations as of late. I really did enjoy doing this blog and at least few people seemed to like it. I'm done with the temporary full time work I had and find I have some free time to work on this again. We'll see. But I will say the upcoming holiday season is rife with enchanted possibilities.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer's Over

And I'm not what to make of this project. Of all my blogs, it got far and above the most hits. But it seems no one is reading it now. I'm not sure to count that as a success or a failure. I was hoping that maybe I could expand this project into something more---a book, a community, guest writers, etc. But then, I always tend to dream big.

I'm keeping this blog up for now. We'll see if the poll gets any responses. I probably won't be able to write here as I go back to work next week. All my writing efforts will probably go into DoI. Who know though...maybe I'll try again next summer? Maybe sooner?

In the mean time, enjoy what's here. There may be more...eventually....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Updates and a Poll.

I have some articles in the works. In the mean time, I've been playing around with the gadgets on this site. I added a gadget that should make it easy to subscribe to whatever feed you use to keep track of your blogs. I added the fairy of the day artwork because I thought it was cute.

I've also added a poll. I'm curious to see if a)people actually are interested in this blog and b)what in particular they are interested in. So please, if you like the idea of this blog take a second to fill out the poll on the right. You can select as many answers as you want. So if want me to cover all those topics, then feel free to select them all. I'm going to leave up for all of September, so if you want some time to think about it you can.

Anyways, there will be some more on styles and interior design in the coming months.