Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Enchanted Life Philosophy

I thought I ought to cover what exactly the Enchanted Life philosophy entails. While the Enchanted Life is a primarily a lifestyle, there is an underlying philosophy.

Put simply, the Enchanted Life is about bringing magic into your life through the way you live. Too often, we get caught in up reality--whether it be financial, family, personal, social, or whatever problems are plaguing us. Unfortunately, we often get so caught up in our problems that they dominate other aspects of our life. Now, we can't hide from problems. If anything we need to face them head on and deal with them. However, we can't let them take over every aspect of our lives either. I guess that's really the basis of the Enchanted Life, bringing magic into your life to keep the problems from taking over, making them more manageable in the long run.

I want to clarify, that the term magic is not the same as magick--the term used in Wicca. While I am a practicing Pagan, the Enchanted Life is not a religion or magickal system. Ideally, it shouldn't matter what your religion is, the Enchanted Life should be for anyone who embraces their imagination. Its a lifestyle and when we talk about magic, we are talking more about feelings than a mystical "force". When I use the word magic, I'm talking about the mood it invokes. I'm using it along with words like whimsy, fantasy, delightful, romantic, charming, fairy-tale, dreamy, and of course enchanted.

This means that there will be lots of motifs that evoke those words: fairies, unicorns, fair maidens, sorceresses and wizards, dragons, and all sorts other mythical and fairy tale creatures. Likewise, there are certain historical periods that lend themselves to the Enchanted Life: ancient Greek and Roman, Medieval and Renaissance, and Victorian.

So what kind of things can one hope to find here? Craft projects, recipes, party ideas, decorating ideas, activities, clothing ideas, gardening ideas, and sources to make it all happen. Oh, and probably more posts like this one that explore the philosophy behind it all.

For now, enjoy!

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