Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Playing Dress Up

It figures. I say I'm going on hiatus and then the next day I get brilliant idea for a post. I thought I'd write about playing dress up as it has been a favorite hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my mother created dress-up trunks for my sister, my brother , and myself. These were old, large trunks filled with old Halloween costumes, old prom dresses and garage sale finds. So when playing pretend or putting on plays, my siblings and I always did it in costume.

So it follows, when I had a daughter of my own it seemed only natural for her to have her own dress up trunk. Hers if filled with many more store bought costumes than mine was. My mom caught a sale at the Disney store, so she has every princess costume there is, complete with some very nice wigs. I also discovered that you can get Halloween costumes dirt cheap if you buy them a few days before or a few days after Halloween. Originally, I used a small trunk I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby, but it got a bit beat up. On a recent trip to Ikea, I came across these. They are made out of fabric and Velcro and work a lot better than the wooden trunk I had before.

So yesterday was a rainy day, which made it a perfect day for a fashion show. Here are some pics:

Of course, as from the first picture, you can see I've never really grown out of dress up either. After all, I can't think of a better escape from the mundane than putting on a fabulous outfit. And the great thing is, there are all kind of excuses now for adults to play dress up. My favorites are Renaissance Fairs and Conventions. There also event like the Labyrinth of Jareth. I've never attended but have heard it is amazing from those who have. Recently, I came across a great blog, called Your Fantasy Costume. It's definitely one to watch if you like fantasy costumes.
However, sometimes its fun to do to a mini-dress up with your everyday clothes. I've been known to wear this top and vest with jeans. If your looking for "fantasy" style clothes that you can blend with everyday where, try The Pyramid Collection, Hot Topic, or if you're little on the curvier side, there's my favorite store Torrid.

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